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What's this site all about?

Well, let's get one thing straight -- we are not protesting the fact that Anwar Ibrahim was sacked as the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia or as the Finance Minster.

We're also not protesting about the fact that all sorts of allegations -- ranging from moral misconduct all the way through to treason -- have been levied against Mr. Anwar.

What we're upset about is the fact that the justice system in Malaysia has been so clearly manipulated to serve the ends of the powerful few.

We, as citizens of Malaysia, feel that we have a right to know exactly what is going on with our *elected* Government, and we bemoan the obvious lack of transparency in the existing bureaucracy.

It appears that the Government of Malaysia has already decided on what we, the people, should know and how we should react.

That, we find, is insulting.

This site will attempt to serve up news that will not be printed in the Malaysian media.

If the material you find on this site offends you, please do not come again.