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Monday, Sept 14
Lights out as supporters gather for Anwar speech in Malacca

MALACCA, Malaysia, Sept 13 (AFP) - Malaysian authorities turned out the lights at a local hall where ousted deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim was scheduled to deliver an address Sunday night, witnesses said.

Supporters were still gathering in front of the hall and about 1,000 had turned up by early evening, an AFP photographer at the scene said.

Anwar was scheduled to arrive in Malacca around 10 p.m. (0200 GMT) after driving from Kuala Lumpur, aides said. It was unclear if the meeting would go ahead in the dark.

On Saturday, Anwar stepped up his attacks on Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad in speeches to tens of thousands of supporters in his home state of Penang and neighbouring Kedah.