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Peristiharan Permatang Pauh
Permatang Pauh Declaration

Anwar Ibrahim's first letter to the Prime Minister of Malaysia:
I would like to enlighten you regarding the calumnous campaign against me as a person and a politician. I am filled with dejection over the revolting lies that a pack of irresponsible human beings have invented to confuse the people and to inspire doubt in them regarding my character and my morals. They have even raised questions about my loyalty to you, which I have affirmed openly and repeatedly. Considering the method by which these slanders are spread and the timing of their release, I cannot but conclude that they are politically motivated.

Anwar Ibrahim's second letter to the Prime Minister of Malaysia:
I would like to add to the letter I wrote on 25 August 1998.
For more than a year, the police has known of a plot to drive a wedge between the two of us by raising doubts in the public mind regarding my character. (The report is hereby submitted by hand.)

Anwar Ibrahim calls for reforms in Malaysia:
Malaysia is grappling with a grave challenge. The economic miracle that we have been so proud of seems now to be no more than a phantasmagoria, a dream from which we have been awakened by the sharp bite of reality.

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