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Monday, Sept 21
Anwar to get HIV injection claim dismissed as ``crazy''

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 21 (AFP) - The wife of Anwar Ibrahim on Monday raised fears for the safety of the imprisoned former deputy premier, saying she had even heard he might be injected with the HIV virus.

Rumours that Anwar might be deliberately infected spread like wildfire across the capital after notices were posted on the gate of Anwar's house and an internet site made the same claim. But the Malaysian authorities totally dismissed the allegation.

``Do you think Malaysians are so crazy and cruel to do this,'' said an official police spokesman.

``What is there to investigate when it is not true and all rumours? It is all rumours,'' the spokesman added.

But Anwar's wife Wan Azizah Wan Ismail said in an interview with BBC television she was very worried about her husband who was detained Sunday night after police stormed his home.

``I am really very, very deeply concerned for his well being and his safety,'' she said.

``There are reliable sources that I have heard to say that he may even be injected with HIV virus to prove the allegation of his sodomy charges and also to plainly kill him.''

An adopted brother of Anwar and a former speechwriter were jailed for six months on Saturday after being found guilty of letting Anwar sodomise them. Anwar has denied the allegations.

He also faces accusations including treason and has been held under the Internal Security Act under which he could be detained indefinitely without trial.

The poster outside Anwar's home and one internet site devoted to the politician said: ``Anwar will be injected with four doses of the HIV virus tonight.

``We are urged to gather at Bukit Jalil after evening prayers ... please convey this message to all.'' Bukit Jalil was where the closing ceremony for the Commonwealth Games was held on Monday night.

The police spokesman said the authorities were ``monitoring'' all reports and internet claims.