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Thursday, Sept 24
Another of Anwar's private secretaries released from detention

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 23 (AFP) - A Malaysian court ordered the release from detention Wednesday of a second private secretary to former Malaysian deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim.

Mohamad Ahmad had been held on remand since September 15 following a swoop on Anwar's associates after he was sacked on September 2 by Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad.

On Tuesday, a court ordered the release of Azmin Ali, another private secretary to Anwar after it rejected a police application to extend his remand.

Mohamad, Anwar's secretary in the finance ministry, and Azmin, Anwar's personal secretary, were picked up by police in connection with an inquiry into the book ''50 reasons why Anwar cannot become PM.'' The book alleges sexual misconduct and other offences by Anwar.

Anwar is being held under the Internal Security Act which allows for detention without trial while both his associates were held under other laws.

So far, 132 people, including 17 foreigners, have been arrested for disturbances linked to Anwar's arrest.